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Labor Time Data Handbook

Labor Time Data Handbook

Price:   $69.50 ea

Item ID: A7
Price: $69.50

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Contains over 500 field tested, time-studied labor hours data for landscaping and grounds maintenance job estimating. Bid with confidence, save time preparing bides, easily determine your best crew size, get a full day's work from every employee and set realistic labor goals for employees. Never under or over price a bid again and make money on every job you get.

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Price and cost jobs fast. Find the work category, follow the time tables, develop a line-by-line bid. Use the hours tables to assign realistic daily work goals. Over-time pay is less likely, and you'll know if you haven't assigned a full days work. In teh Reference Sections you can pinpoint job costs. Easy to use outlines have materials, directo costs and overhead. Compile hourly work schedules, know how many workers you need.

  • Aerification, Bak Pak Spraying, Blowing, Cleanups
  • Drain Cleaning, Dethatching, Digging, Edging
  • Forming Beds, Grading & Filling, Granular Applications
  • Hydroseeding, Installing Edging, Installing Lawns, Installing Pavers
  • Line Marking Equipment, Liquid Applications, Loading Materials
  • Mowing, Mulching, Pavement Sweeping, Planting Flowers
  • Planting Shrubs, Planting Trees, Pruning Shrubs and Trees
  • Sanding & Salting, Seeding, Site Preparation, Snow Blowing, Snow Plowing
  • Sodding, Staking & Guying Trees, Stump Grinding
  • Trenching, Watering, Weeding

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